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Long-Standing Public Service Career

Delegate Pat McDonough is a small business owner, acting CEO, and radio talk show host & producer

Delegate Pat McDonough has been a champion of job creation, taxpayer rights, strong law enforcement, traditional family values, solving our illegal immigration crisis and serving our veterans during his public service career.

  • Member of Health & Government Operations Committee
  • Member of Joint Committee on Veterans' Affairs
  • Recipiant of the John Shaw Award for promoting jobs & business
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Advocate for Service Veterans

One of Delegate McDonough's strong focuses is on providing service and continuing care to our nation's veterans. He is a distinctive member of the Health & Government Operations Committee as well as the Joint Committee on Veterans' Affairs.


Supporter of New Job Creation

As a small business owner himself, Delegate McDonough understands the unique challenges associated with the job industry. He proudly champions job creation & taxpayer rights throughout the state of Maryland, and received the John Shaw award as well as the Taxpayers' Advocate Award.

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Common Sense Approach

Thanks to his no-nonsense approach to problems, Delegate McDonough enjoys widespread support throughout his legislative district. Although district registration numbers favor the Democrats, Delegate McDonough has received overwhelming bipartisan support from his constituents.

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