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McDonough Responds

Since your editorial board has decided to designate me as “The Trump of Baltimore County” (Dec. 18) I have decided to designate the editors at the Baltimore Sun as the “Bernie Sanders of the Journalism World.” Now, let us begin to put the phony baloney you created with your editorial rant through the grinder one slice at a time.

The race card: In all of my comments about the misguided Section 8 housing policy, race was never mentioned or implied. It is a pathetic tactic of the left that whenever they disagree with someone, the person is characterized as being a racist or subjected to name calling. How childish!

County residents are racist: Baltimore County residents are sincerely concerned about the value of their homes and neighborhoods. These are large investments made in good faith by hard working people. A young woman approached me and said, “I would like to own a mansion and a luxury vehicle, but I can’t afford those things and I’m not going to ask my neighbors to pay for them.”

Nuisance houses: While some editors are sitting at their desks pontificating on how to save the world in the Sunpaper Ivory Tower, I am on the streets working for the people. Spaces It is Delegate McDonough who receives the phone calls and emails on a regular basis from citizens concerned about drug dealing and other problems related cheap jerseys to Section 8 housing. The housing authority has no response policy. That is why I am introducing legislation to create a commission that will study the impact of Section 8 housing in Baltimore County.

Quiet or deceptive: The editors attempt to describe the sneaky entry of Section 8 housing into Baltimore County as “quiet.” I remember when the Baltimore Colts quietly sneaked out of Baltimore in the dead of the night in Mayflower Vans.

After $22 trillion in anti-poverty taxpayer spending, the results are the destruction of Detroit, violence in Chicago, and riots and murders in Baltimore.
Black mobs at the Inner Harbor: Violence by black youths at the Inner Harbor and downtown were occurring on a regular basis for years without any reaction or solution from the mayor. The mayor’s lack of action with the harbor violence was a clear indicator and prediction of how she mismanaged the riots with her lack of action and failed leadership. My wife and I came close to being victims of that violence when our vehicle was stopped at a red light at Calvert and Pratt streets while returning from a charity event. An unruly mob of youths, swinging baseball bats, were coming right at us and other vehicles in the vicinity. We were witnessing a crime in progress, and the police were nowhere to The be found. I was cheap NFL jerseys always cheap jerseys instructed to be accurate and honest when witnessing a crime. They were youths, they were black, not white, Asian, or Hispanic. That’s how I described them. When I reported this incident, The Baltimore Sun, in another attack dog editorial, called me Sodales “racist” and demanded an apology. Read my lips! My parents taught me to never apologize for the truth. The Sun should apologize for name calling.

Section 8 and vacant housing: Here is a novel idea. Why not convert the 30,000 vacant houses in Baltimore City into new public housing? The contractors needed to accomplish this goal could employ thousands of young people as helpers and trainees. Thousands of Baltimore City families would be provided with the opportunity to become “rent to own” homeowners. The homeownership surge would help stabilize neighborhoods.

My viewpoints: As a representative of the people, having been returned to office for four consecutive elections, I view my job as being a public servant, community leader and wholesale NFL jerseys lawmaker. Because of my visibility on radio and television, my office probably receives more constituent calls than other legislators. My great staff and volunteers have responded and helped more than 5,000 citizens with their problems.

In the area of community service, the Seventh District represents two large counties, Baltimore and Harford. This large district includes a great number of community organizations and other associations. I have worked closely with all of them from the tragedies of New Tropical Storm Isabel to the current problems related to Section 8 housing.

As a lawmaker outnumbered dramatically in Annapolis by liberal Democrats, my chances of passing legislation are difficult. Because I am outspoken on the floor of the House and in public, I am considered by some to be a threat to their “tax and spend” agenda. Regardless of their opposition, over the years I have introduced more than 100 legislative proposals, including last year the “Rain Tax Reform Act.” As a result, the “Rain Tax” is terminated in Harford County and on its way out in Baltimore County. I even coined the term “The Rain Tax” on my radio show. The “Bernies” in the editorial office may not agree with my philosophy, but it would be refreshing if they exercised a little bit more honesty.

Del. Pat McDonough

The writer, a Republican, represents District 7 in Baltimore and Harford counties.

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